AmazonGlobal usability study

UX researcher

The best international shipping service?

Have you ever shipped anything internationally? Did you understand all the taxes, duties, shipping cost estimates and etc? Just thinking about all that was already giving me a headache. However we are lucky to have the AmazonGlobal service to help us end the pain.

Over 70% items sold on Amazon could be shipped internationally using AmazonGlobal, more on that it would also take care of the duties, taxes and everything else in the same time. In short, I have to say, it’s awesome.

Why most people have never heard of AmazonGlobal?

“Everyone should know about our awesome service.” said Angeley, the PM of AmazonGlobal. And as a heavy international shipping user, I’d have to say that it does is awesome!
The low discoverability of AmazonGlobal was not only a surprise, but also should be a shame. And that also made me more eager to find out why.

Design the research

By identifying the needs for the research, I designed a procedure combination so that I wouldn't missing anything: Conduct expert reviews along with eye-tracking user tests.

An expert review

The "experiment"

The study

Eyetracking is so expensively amazing!

The results

The greatest part of doing eye-tracking studies was that you were to get both qualitative and quantitive data. However since the study was under NDA, I cannot show you any heat maps or research results.


We have a observation room at Amazon usability lab. PMs, developers, other designers and sometimes our VPs would be invited to observe all the testing sessions. At the end of each session, I would usually get to the whiteboard to discuss and share my thoughts and findings with the team. And what you can see here is only a short trail of our usability testing journey.

The changes