Refresh the 10+ year old GoToMeeting

UX designer

The ‘classic’ GoToMeeting

A tip of the iceberg

The needs for a minimized view

Offer a non-disruptive experience

Explore options

The real challenge, rather than where to put the minimized GoToMeeting, was how to transition the big GoToMeeting control panel to a smaller view.

Sketch out ideas

Back to the problem statement

What would happen during an online meeting? How were our customers actually using GoToMeeting? What is the problem I am trying to solve here?

Into the details

The refreshed experience

We ended up repainted the entire UI, adjusted the contrast and made our brand to stand out more. Here’s our final delivery with comparison:

There were a lot more...

What you've seen here is a very small part of the project and I have worked on it for about three days, including design, peer review and iteration.
The refreshed UI had been released to customers in early 2015 and is still under evaluation. I’m so glad how much I’ve learned by refreshing this million-user-influencing project.