HTC Ice Winter Olympic Games App

UX designer

How can technology help with the Olympic Games?

Do you know that, until Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, smart phones were still not offered for official communication? Then for the following one at London in 2012, Samsung G3 was finally used and then also heavily emphasized on social features. Many of 3rd party vendors developed specific apps just for the Olympic Games.
What do you think would happen in the year of 2016?

The voices from Olympic volunteers

In solving the problem

An app that benefits international travelers

Based on our researches, we decided to build an app that could help people who traveled abroad for the Olympic Games

A closer look

Evaluate the solution

The testing plan

This was an intense project and everything went by fast. We printed out our wireframes and conducted usability testings on different people, and made sure all of them had experiences traveling abroad to a country and don't speak their language.

Users like our designs

We identified some minor usability issues of our design in testings. But overall, all of our participants loved the idea of having an app that could actually help international traveller.

Adding more pixels

We delivered our design to HTC using an interactive prototype. I would love to show you more however this project was under NDA. Here’s only a sneak peak.